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Flight Box (2001)
First Performance

October 2001 Present Music
Kevin Stalheim, conductor
Padracci Pavilion, Milwaukee Museum of Art
Milwaukee, WI


sop. sax., alt. sax., ten. sax., 2 trpt., 2 trbn., optional choir: 4-9 female and male singers, perc., el. bass, pi./synth., vln., vlc.




Flight Box

Program Notes

Flight Box is commissioned by John Shannon & Jan Serr for Present music, to commemorate the opening of Milwaukee Art Museum’s new building designed by Santiago Calatrava. In addition to playing, performers sing and narrate at various times. The words narrated are in Turkish, selected especially by the composer because of their onamatapia. Ince made a few visits to Milwaukee during the various stages of the construction of the Calatrava building, and was always left with two strong feelings: the freedom of flight and the stability, grandeur presence and slow movement of a ship. The reality that Ince had traveled between US and Europe about seven times during the writing of this work contributed to his feeling of flight and the stability of a ship crossing grand masses of water. Although it is possible to travel very fast in fact the distance traveled is not much relatively in the context of the universe and the size of the world, therefore conjecturing the feeling of being on a ship. The work is a diary of these travels and the primal feelings the composer had in experiencing the building.