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Hot, Red, Cold, Vibrant
1991 Lipstick (ballet)
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1989 Fantasie of a Sudden Turtle
Symphony No.1 Castles in the Air
1988 An Unavoidable Obsession
Waves of Talya
1987 My Friend Mozart
Ebullient Shadows
Deep Flight
1986 Cross Scintillations
Before Infrared
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Waves of Talya (1988)
First Performance

May 1989 Terra Australis
Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall
New York, NY


fl., cl., perc., pi., vln., vlc.




Waves of Talya

Program Notes

Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation, Waves of Talya was written in Rome in 1988 while the composer was there with a Rome Prize Fellowship. The work was named one of the best chamber works of the 20th century by a living American composer in the June 2000 issue of Chamber Music Magazine. Talya is the ancient name of Antalya, the Mediterranean cost city of Turkey, where majestic mountains meet the dazzling, worm cost. The composer visited there on many occasions as a child, and was always in awe of the big waves that irresistibly crashed the pebbly shores.