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Dreamlines (2008)
First Performance

October 22, 2008 Istanbul Modern Music Ensemble
Kamran Ince, conductor and pianist
Turkish Chamber of Architects Centenary Concert
Istanbul, Turkey


fl., bass cl., perc., harp, pi, 2 vln, vla, vlc, dbass





Program Notes

Commissioned by Turkish Chamber of Architects, “Dreamlines is dedicated to structure masters of Anatolia from the past to our time.” What I wanted to do in Dreamlines is to create a time block in which we are immersed in the depths and magic of one sound’s spell. A sound’s spell that is perhaps similar to an architect’s manifestation of a certain feeling where a structure’s existence comes from and how it is expressed throughout.. Like architect Mimar Sinan (architect of Blue Mosque in Istanbul) celebrating his creations in their very core, this is born from a strong and mysterious feeling. He blesses his structures first:
I am the oldest of the grand architects
If the world is a school I’m its master
God knows I created so many houses for him
I built many sanctuaries for prayer