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Hammers and Whistlers (2006)
First Performance

November 2006 Present Music, Milwaukee Choral Artists, Milwaukee Childern’s Choir, Milwaukee Youth Symphony Strings Milwaukee, WI


fl., 2 cl., 2 sax., 2 trpt., 2 trbn., 2 perc., pi., bass guit., solo vln., solo vlc., women’s choir, children’s choir, string sections of vln, vlc., dbass




Hammers and Whistlers

Program Notes

Hammers and Whistlers is commissioned by Present Music for their 25th Anniversary. It’s original text is written by Izzeddin Calislar. It is about the wonderment of creation, the act of creating and the act of experiencing and sharing the creations. We ourselves must create, after all everything we are or encounter has been created... In fact the music you are hearing now was just created--why not join in? Hammers and Whistlers also celebrates creation, and is in awe of this act as it experiences/lives itself in the sounds that come out. Life is wonderful when you create something, when you leave something behind, anything, even if it is just unique to that moment..