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In White (1999)
First Performance

April 1999 Contemporary Chamber Players
Susan Waterbury, violin
Kamran Ince, conductor
Scheidt School of Music, University of Memphis
Memphis, TN


solo violin, fl., alt. sax., ten., sax., female voice, male voice, el. bass, pi./synth., cello




In White

Program Notes

In White (violin concerto) is commissioned by violinist Susan Waterbury in 1999. It is constructed of five small continuous movements (slow-fast-slow-fast-slow), separated by several cadenzas in the violin. The slow sections typically are of spiritual nature, with lines and shapes derived from my affinity for the great religious architectural designs of the various Anatolian civilizations, Christian and Muslim worlds. Some works that share similar starting points for me are Domes, Lines and Arches. In contrasting sections the work contains Turkish-like melodies, with perpetually driving sections with irregular meters, a characteristic of Anatolian music. These are juxtaposed on expansive lines with a pulse of their own.